KGC Creations is a company that creates beautiful pieces of work from memorable experiences.  We lean to tradition in all aspects of our work from photography through our product development, while incorporating technology and a creative edge that separates us from the competition.  Our experience in creative design and production management allow us to provide direction and guidance when creating a pose portfolio, event planning website, or product development.  All of this together is what helped to mold our company keeping our traditional roots but allowing the ability to spread our wings to think outside the box. Please continue to read more about our team. 

Gina Rizzo

Creative Manager/Photographer

Gina has over ten years of photography and design experience giving her the cutting edge for your photos to take the spotlight.  Her creative vision for photography, videography, editing, and graphic design is refreshing and will awaken your inner creativity.  As your photographer, her personality creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere to capture those natural pictures that can’t be staged or posed.  This type of personality makes it easy to work with all client services and helps to maintain those realistic expectations. 

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Kim Riley

Production Manager

Kim is the added component you may not get with other creative companies.  KGC Creations offers a Production Manager for consulting services, online website services, product development and event templates.  Her dual background in Hospitality Management and Information Technology helps to set KGC Creations apart from the competition.  At times you may even see her working side by side with Gina for your event to make sure every moment is captured along with those unexpected moments. 

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