Photo Editing and Restoration

A new service that KGC Creations offers is editing and restoration to a client's photo. This service has been offered to individuals and other professional photographers. Although KGC Creations has done plenty of these types of edits before, the difference is having the original file or personally taking the photo. If you have a file or a photo that needs a specific type of edit or effect done, KGC Creations evaluates and quotes before commitment. If the job details are confirmed and agreed upon, KGC will make the requests and send a copyright sample to receive payment. 

*Note, all files and images provided to KGC Creations assume client has appropriate rights to the photo. KGC Creations will not be held liable for any dispute with the original creator. 

$7-$10 per photo

  • Colorization

  • Touch Ups

  • Removal of Items

  • Special Effects

  • Montage Effects (up to $25)


Due to COVID, a client needed a Save the Date revised with a new date. This photo and design was created from an external source and the bottle was originally engraved. I had to match the engraving and revise the text.






Another photographer reached out to me to remove the blanket from the photo. Key details that were focused on was the man's shoulder, above the baby's head, and the man's hand on his wife's back. 

From Basic to Complex